What is Vapour Cleaning?

Vapour cleaning (also known as vapour blasting or honing) is a process of stripping metal using blasting media and water. The media used for blasting includes ceramic beads, glass beads and other abrasives which are combined with water to clean metal surfaces. Vapour cleaning removes:

  • paint, 
  • grease & oil, 
  • corrosion and rust, 
  • other contaminants, chemicals and residues. 

The most environmentally friendly option

The impact of metal cleaning on our environment is one of our major concerns. We decided on using the vapour honing process because it’s the best for the Earth.

Auto vapour honing is the most eco-friendly method of cleaning parts because the materials are reused multiple times. All water and abrasives that flow through the AVC closed-loop system are reused after they are filtered of any debris from the parts we clean. Any hazardous waste that remains is carefully disposed of in barrels made of recycled materials by our waste management partners.

Free pick up and drop off in the GTA*

We offer free delivery and pickup to our repeat and large customers and can also arrange transportation of your parts for a small fee.

*some conditions apply

Why is Auto Vapour Cleaning better than the alternatives?

  • More environmentally friendly
  • Doesn’t use acid or chemicals
  • Minimizes damage and extends the lifetime of equipment and parts
  • Superior quality of cleaning
  • Almost no waste (water and media are re-used as much as possible)

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