The Vapour Cleaning Process

We have blasted lots of our own parts and many different parts from customers, so we’ve worked out our own preferred methods for getting the very best results. 

After blasting we take items through several steps to ensure they are free of contamination, media residues and any staining. We thoroughly dry and check items, add a rust prevention agent to any areas prone to flash rusting and then use brushes to clear out any internal screw threads.

Clean off debris

Remove all grease, rust, paint, and other contaminants

Vapour Cleaning

Inside our cabinet we clean the item using a jet of slurry containing media (usually ceramic or glass) and water. The cabinet can fit most parts, including: V8 engine blocks, casings, carburetors, cam covers, oil sumps, etc.


The slurry is rinsed from the item with water and any anti-corrosive agent (added as necessary). Once rinsed, the item is checked to ensure it is completely clean. The process is repeated until the item is pristine.

Dry and Protect

The item is carefully dried and any areas suceptible to flash rusting are coated with ACF-50.

As part of our regular vapour cleaning process we use rust inhibitors and take steps to prevent rust.

Although we do our best to make sure that there is no media or other leftover substances on your items when we return it to you, please ensure that you’ve rinsed all parts thoroughly before using for their intended purpose.

Grease & Rust Removal

We have a hot wash cabinet to remove grease and we also have rust removal facilities. To avoid getting too much debris or other contaminants in the closed-loop vapour cleaning system we remove as much from the part as possible before putting the item into the vapour honing cabinet.

The Customer Process

  1. Send us photos of the item you’d like clean. Please add something that shows what the size of the item is, or include the dimensions in communication with us.
  2. We’ll contact you to talk about final finishes, removing initial debris, what time you need the project finished, and any other details necessary.
  3. We’ll send you a quote.
  4. We’ll arrange for pickup or you can drop the item off to us (pickup and delivery may cost extra).
  5. We take “before” photos of your item.
  6. We clean your item (see The Vapour Cleaning Process)
  7. We take “after” photos of your item
  8. Your item is packaged ready for delivery, shipping pickup. We’ll send you an invoice.
  9. You pay the invoice and the item is returned to you.